Watch the video to see how to find the house


Important Information:


For your health, and that of the other guests, R Place is a strictly non-smoking space. If you would like to smoke you may go outside of the gate or to the nearby cafe.

WiFi: Cisco08354 - no password needed

DO NOT close any of the bolts on the gates or doors other than to your own house. Other people use the space and if you close a bolt you may lock someone in or out!

Please turn off the lights/ fan/heater when you are out. Make sure that everything is off when you leave for the day.

The hot water is on a timer – let us know if you need more or at different times.

Please use the timer for the heater – the stone walls retain heat so put it to come on before you wake up in the morning and to warm the room in the evening. If you need a second heater, let us know and we will provide one.

Please do not take the bathroom towels out of the flat. You may use the beach towels anywhere.

We do not take any responsibility for injury or the safety of items left in the house. Generally, Cyprus is a very safe and honest place but please lock the house door when you are out.

In the unlikely case that it might occur, you will be charged for any damage to the property that exceeds normal wear and tear.

Please leave the key in the key box  (and mix up the combination) or with one of us when you leave.

The house will be cleaned weekly. If you want more cleaning, please ask.  Also, if you would like a load of laundry done, please ask and we’ll arrange it for you.