The Hidden Treasures of Egypt
Cairo and Luxor
16-23 November

Explore the hidden treasures of Egypt, the sites and ceremonies that awed and inspired travellers from ancient times until today. Lead by Kriszta Veres, a dedicated as a Priestess of Avalon now residing in Egypt, this adventure is for those who want to encounter the transformative power of these ancient mysteries. Kriszta’s experience and “insider” connections provide a unique opportunity for a deeper perspective.  Through her years of experience guiding these special tours, she knows the best sites and the best times to visit them. Places are limited for a more comfortable and intimate trip.


Explore the itinerary below!

Day 1 - Arrival at Cairo, transfer to the hotel, dinner at our Kriszta’s home


Day 2 - Grounding and intention setting ceremony onboard a Felukka (sail boat) on the Nile


Visit the Valley Temples and conduct a ceremony at unique alabaster altar considered a StarGate, a portal, to the clean period of Atlantis.


Evening visit to Moez Street, the oldest street in Islamic Cairo, a walk through beautiful old buildings and time in Khan Al Khalili (the bazaar of Cairo) 


Day 3 - Sunrise by the Giza pyramids followed by breakfast in Mena House Hotel – the most beautiful hotel of Cairo, originally built as a palace, overlooking the Great Pyramid. Experience the pyramids and the Sphinx with expert Yousel Al Awyan (to be confirmed). Visit to a shop where the statues are all handmade, carved by the sons of Hakim, Egyptian wisdom-keeper, their Hathors and Sekhmets are very beautiful and powerful.


New Moon Celebration - travel into the desert on horseback to experience the stars.


Day 4 – Morning visit to the Dahshour pyramids – Red, Black and Blended –Kriszta feels that they are moon pyramids and that there was a powerful Isis center here with a Sacred Grove and Lake. It is very undisturbed and there is an opportunity to spend quality time inside the Red pyramid, possibly the moonlodge of the priestesses.


Visit to the Serapeum in Sakkara, one of the most amazing power-places in Egypt; and an unsolved mystery with 70-100 ton sarcophagae.


Late evening flight to Luxor, transfer to our accommodation on the West Bank

Day 5 – Visit the Valley of the Queens, and the tomb of Nefertari, the most well-preserved one, recently reopened, and continuing to the tombs of the workers, the Temple of Hatshepsut, and the remains of the Temple of Mut built by Amenhotep III.


Zar Ceremony – powerful cleansing-dancing ceremony done the Zar mothers to women, the ceremony originated in the shamanic past of Africa.


Day 6 - Free time in the morning with the opportunity to go for a hot-air balloon ride at sunrise. Early afternoon, ferry to the East Bank, visit the Temple of Mut (which belonged to the Karnak complex, (opened to the public only a year ago and still very undisturbed) with its many powerful Sekhmet statues.

Visit the powerful Sekhmet Chapel in the Sanctuary of Ptah of the Karnak Temple. It is closed, but the guards will open for us. The energy of Sekhmet is so strong here that the statue gives the feeling that it is moving. We finish the day with a walk in the beautifully lighted Luxor Temple.


Day 7 -  Visit Abydos Temple and the Temple of Hathor in Dandara. Late lunch with a local family.


Day 8 - Early afternoon flight to Cairo, than flight to Larnaca.


€1070 /person including 3 nights in a 3star hotel in Cairo, 4 nights in an apartment house in Luxor West Bank, halfboard everywhere, all the programs, tickets to the sights including the ticket to the Great Pyramid and the Nefertari Tomb, and tips at the sights, drivers. This price is based on min. 8 people staying in double rooms.

The price does not include the Egyptian visa ($25, can be bought at Cairo airport after arrival), the flights (If purchased soon, the whole ticket is around € 280 Larnaca-Cairo-Luxor-Cairo Larnaca), drinks, additional meals, tips in hotels, travel insurance.


*unless the tour is cancelled


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About our Guide

Kriszta Veres  trained in Glastonbury with Kathy Jones, and was initiated as a Priestess of Avalon many years ago. Her spiritual path started with rediscovering the Goddess path of Old Europe, especially through the memories of the Carpathian Basin, since she was born and lived in Hungary. In 2010 she visited Egypt with a lot of resistance. She started doing healing work with a local community of women and men and her bond with the land of Egypt was reawakened.


The resistance was replaced by a love-story with Egypt, and at the end of 2010 she felt that the land calling her back. She moved to Egypt right after the Egyptian revolution and has been living there since, and is married to an Egyptian man.


Her path became more focused on Oneness and finding the Divine presence everywhere, in all paths. She has been journeying with Islam a few years, and is especially drawn to Sufism.

Kriszta is on a constant journey of remembering the ancient mysteries of Egypt, visiting the sacred places regularly alone and with groups. Her love with the old and modern Egypt became a devotion to show the people the real Egypt, and taking them behind the normal tourists roads.


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